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Clyde Vanel is a Business Owner and Community Advocate

clyde-sittingClyde Vanel was raised in Cambria Heights, New York, in a two-parent household with nine siblings. His well-disciplined, Haitian working-class parents instilled in their children, strong moral values and the idea that, with education and hard work, anything is possible.

Clyde’s story is a classic immigrant tale to this country, making sacrifices and necessary financial risks to secure the best education that could make the American dream possible. Clyde worked extremely hard taking out loans to put himself through college where he graduated with an aeronautics degree and completed law school, eventually becoming a nationally-renowned successful entrepreneur.

Clyde runs and operates a thriving business law and intellectual property legal practice representing various clients. He also owns and operates an Internet website, Trademarkready.com, that provides trademark services. Clyde also owned the restaurant and bar Vanel’s located in lower-Manhattan from 2005 to 2010.

Clyde runs an office in the neighborhood of Cambria Heights that is used as a community center, meeting place for many organizations and a business incubator.

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