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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York has an 8.3% unemployment rate. In reality, the unemployment rate is much higher in Southeast Queens. Small business is the number one job creator in New York. Clyde has extensive experience as a business attorney, former restaurant owner and employer in running a business in New York. Many employers have left our state and it is difficult to open, operate and grow a business in our state. Clyde will work to help foster an environment that keeps, attracts and where businesses can expand and create new jobs.

Clyde Will Support and Introduce Legislation That Foster An Improved Business Environment In NY To Spur Job Creation

We must improve the business environment in New York State in order to keep jobs, businesses, employers and entrepreneurs in our city. Additionally, we must foster a business climate to attract employers to our city to create more jobs.

New York desperately needs jobs and we must focus on our tax and other policies to help encourage a job-creating environment. We must continue to reduce the cost of doing business with further reforms in city agency fines policy.

Most importantly, our City’s long-term future economic recovery requires renewed economic growth in high-value sectors.  In the previous decade, New York suffered a massive loss of middle and upper-middle income jobs; and their associated tax revenues.

Over the same period, the state lost approximately five-hundred thousand jobs in the top paying private sector industries – finance/insurance, management/administration, utilities, information, professional/technical services, wholesale trade, construction and manufacturing. These sectors pay high salaries and produce significant tax revenues and economic spin-offs.

Further, virtually all job growth in New York over this ten-year period was in below-average wage sectors, in sectors such as health and social services that rely on significant government funding.  New York has been replacing high paying jobs with lower paying jobs. Jobs that compete in the international economy are being replaced with jobs that are tied to regional markets and state and local government funding.

I will support and introduce legislation to make New York City more attractive for private sector investment in higher wage occupations. I will introduce legislation and support policies to lower imposed costs on business and capital, and remove regulatory and procedural barriers to new private sector investment and job growth.  As a result, renewed economic growth will benefit workers and families, and produce the tax revenues needed to finance necessary public services. An improved business environment that translates directly to more jobs will be my top priority.

Meet Clyde Vanel

Clyde Vanel was raised in Cambria Heights, New York, in a two-parent household with nine siblings. His well-disciplined, Haitian working-class parents instilled in their children, strong moral values and the idea that, with education and hard work, anything is possible. Continue Reading

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